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Our Services

Rail Construction

Our services encompass a range of tasks, including surveying, grading, earthwork, track laying, and structural construction.

During the construction process, our teams collaborate with engineers, surveyors, equipment operators, and other specialists to ensure the project's successful completion. They adhere to engineering and safety standards, coordinate logistics, and manage the construction timeline and budget.

Capital Railroad Contracting, Inc.’s services play a vital role in expanding and improving railway networks. The goal is to create a safe, efficient, and reliable railway system that supports the needs of our customers.

Maintenance of Way

Our services encompass a wide range of tasks, including inspection, repair, construction, and maintenance of railway tracks, bridges, signals, and other related components.

Our tasks include but are not limited to track inspection for defects, repairing or replacing damaged tracks, maintaining proper alignment and profile, and addressing issues with ballast and drainage. Additionally, it involves the maintenance and repair of structures like bridges and culverts, ensuring their structural integrity and safety.

The overall goal is to uphold the reliability, safety, and performance of the railway infrastructure, allowing for smooth and efficient transportation.

Emergency Repair

Our services involve rapid response and efficient repair work to address unexpected incidents, damages, or failures in railroad infrastructure. These services aim to restore the functionality, safety, and operational continuity of the railway system in emergency situations.

When unforeseen events occur, such as track derailments, extreme weather events, bridge collapses, or signal failures, our teams are deployed to assess the situation, identify the problem, and initiate immediate repair actions. Our teams consist of skilled personnel, including track maintenance crews, equipment operators, and technicians with expertise in various aspects of railroad infrastructure.

Our services are crucial for maintaining the operational integrity of the railroad system, mitigating risks, and ensuring the prompt resumption of train services after unexpected incidents or emergencies.

Structure Construction and Repair

Capital Railroad Contracting Bridge Construction & Repair services involve the construction, maintenance, and restoration of bridges specifically designed for railway systems. These services encompass the planning, design, fabrication, installation, and repair of railroad bridges to ensure their structural integrity and safe operation.

Railroad bridges are essential components of a railway network, allowing trains to pass over obstacles such as rivers, valleys, and roads. Our services focus on building new railway bridges, including but not limited to, pile driving, drilled shafts, both pre-cast and cast in place substructure, precast and steel girders/spans, and other supporting structures.

The primary goals of these services are to maintain the structural integrity of railroad bridges, extend their lifespan, and enhance their ability to withstand various environmental conditions and heavy train loads. By providing reliable and safe bridge infrastructure, these services contribute to the efficient and uninterrupted operation of railway systems.

Jack and Bore

Our Jack and Bore services require specialized equipment, including hydraulic jacking systems with a wide range of auger and cutting head tooling allowing us to install permanent steel casings of appropriate size and strength for the job. Our experienced crews, being knowledgeable in the techniques and safety protocols of jack and bore operations are essential for the successful execution of these services.

In the jack and bore process, a pit is excavated on one side of the tracks, and a steel casing is inserted beneath the tracks to create a pathway for the utilities, or in other cases serve as a permanent culvert pipe for drainage. Our hydraulic jacking system is used to push or "jack" the casing horizontally beneath the tracks to the other side while auguring out the material at the same time. Once in place, the utilities are installed inside the casing, and connections are made, or if used as culvert, water may flow freely.

Jack and bore service is particularly useful when traditional trenching or directional drilling is not feasible due to various factors, such as track stability, soil conditions, or the presence of other utilities. Jack and bore services offer a solution that minimizes disruption to the railroad tracks and surrounding areas while allowing for the installation of necessary underground infrastructure.